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Killarney Red Organic Garlic - SPRING

Killarney Red Organic Garlic - SPRING

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Killarney Red Organic Seed Garlic (Rocambole hardneck variety)

A beautiful strain of Rocambole garlic with 10-14 large garlic cloves per head, very similar to Spanish Roja. It comes from seed from Northern Idaho but has been grown at Foothill Farm for many years. Bold, delicious flavor and large heads, this strain does well in many conditions.  The plant is short, hardy and sends up a delicate scape in mid-summer.  It has an outstanding strong and nutty flavor, and the bulbs have pink wrappers with some brown.  One pound will average about 50-60 plants. Can have very large bulbs, the cloves are very easy to peel and frequently makes double or triple cloves.

Certified Organic

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