We are a certified organic multi-generational family farm in the Mission Valley of Western Montana. On the farm we grow organic vegetables, herbs, fruit, seed and flowers.

We share the farm with our chickens, dairy cow, cattle, pigs, and bees to form an integrated livestock system.

Our produce is available through Community Supported Agriculture, wholesale, local pick up customers, and online.


    Hard neck. Easy to peel and full of flavor!

    Gifted from a fellow farmer in Wyoming, nurtured at Foothill Farm for nearly 20 years.


    Hard neck. Bold, delicious flavor and large heads.

    Grows well in many conditions


    Hard neck. Purple striping and creamy texture when roasted.

    Cold hardy and reliable


    Soft neck. Mild flavor and great for roasting.

    Stores well

Sorry...we are sold out of garlic. Pre-order now for delivery in mid-September 2024

Our Cows

Our small herd of mixed breed, but mostly Angus cows are raised entirely on our pastures and fed hay from our farm throughout the winter. 

Find out more about our herd and how to order beef