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Foothill Farm soap is a 5 oz bar of pure, lathery loveliness made with all organic ingredients: saponified oils of olive and tallow, organic essential oil, clay (coloring).  It comes in three different scents: mint, lavender and forest. It is soap that originates on our farm with the primary ingredient being tallow, or rendered beef fat.  And what's best is that you can add to your commitment to eat locally by washing locally too!

Tallow has had a bad reputation for years, which is rather silly, because it’s an excellent choice for soap making. It’s mild for the skin, produces a gentle lather, and makes a very hard bar that won’t turn into goop in your shower. Tallow has long been a traditional fat used by farmers in candle and soap making, because it was plentiful, and for us, it allows us to be able to respect the whole animal and use as much of it as possible so as not to allow any to go to waste. We also know that fat from grass fed animals is good for us inside and out! As is the case with our skin, tallow is mostly a saturated fat. Tallow’s fatty acid profile consists primarily of oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids.  It gives tallow it’s softening, soothing, moisturizing properties and allows it to be easily absorbed into our skin. When using tallow from grass-fed beef, conjugated linoleic acid is present in higher concentrations (one of the reasons grass-fed beef is so wonderful for our diets). CLA’s in your skin care not only help to retain moisture, but also have anti-aging properties as they work to renew skin cells and repair collagen.


  • Mint - $5 a bar

  • Lavender - $5 a bar

  • Forest - $5 a bar

  • Mint, Lavender, and Forest - 3 bars for $12


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