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Foothill Farm

Grass-fed beef

Grass-fed beef

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Foothill Farm is a diverse, organic operation located in the Mission valley of western Montana.  We grow an array of food, including vegetables, herbs, fruit and grass-fed and finished beef.  The entire farm, including the pastures and hay fields are certified organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture. Our small herd of mixed breed, but mostly Angus cows are raised entirely on our pastures and fed hay from our farm throughout the winter. Our cows have never been given growth hormones, antibiotics or grain. They are a critical part of our farm system, providing the fertility to sustain our vegetable gardens and keeping our fields and pastures healthy.  Our calves are born on grass in the late spring, and spend the summer with their mothers and the rest of the herd, rotating through the fields. The herd spends the fall and winter in the hay fields, and are fed hay that we have cut and stored the summer before, and return to the pastures with the fresh spring grass.  We know our cows by name and believe that they provide an important source of protein for our family and many members of our community.  Grass-fed, organically raised beef is a healthy and delicious option for anyone in Western Montana who are wanting to eat as close to home as possible. 


The beef you will receive is processed locally where it is aged for 2 weeks and then professionally wrapped and frozen to make sure it stays fresh in your freezer. You have the option to buy a portion or all of an animal, and the cuts include meat from the entire animal. So, if you are buying ¼ of beef, that is ¼ of all of the available cuts. The average total hanging weight (the weight of the animal without the head, hide, hooves, lower legs and entrails) for our animals is normally between 650 and 700 pounds. The final price of your beef share is determined by the final hanging  weight.  The number and size of cuts will vary depending on the weight of the cow and when it is harvested.

In addition to shares of beef, we also sell ground beef(1,5 and 10 lbs boxes), beef tallow, pork lard, organ meat and bones.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions and to find out about availibilty.


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