Garlic for sale from Foothill Farm, St Ignatius, Montana
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Foothill Farm is a certified organic farm operation located in the Mission Valley. We produce vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers and seed. As well as grass-fed beef, honey and eggs. We specialize in tomatoes, squash, garlic and herbs.  

The farm is 70 acres made up of hay fields, pasture, 7 acres of vegetable and herb gardens, an orchard, three hoop houses, a large propagation greenhouse, packing sheds and coolers.

The vegetables, seeds, and fruit are certified organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture. We implement composting, crop rotation, cover cropping, rotational grazing and other sustainable practices.  One of the most important parts of our farm is the livestock that is integrated into the system. 

Here on Foothill Farm we enjoy the opportunity to grow delicious, healthy food for the local community and working with family, friends and fellow farmers.